Celebrating our 30th Year!

Since 1986 Signal Communication Systems has provided commercial communication and security products and services.  In today’s world, there are now many products that consumers or small businesses can and want to install themselves.  We have done the searching for a small number of products that, we feel, can provide years of excellent service.  Most of the products we selected also have installation and on-going support available from the vendors.   Signal can also install any of these products if you prefer.

We will continue to add products that fit the above criteria to this category as we come across them.

Thank you!


Dakota Alert


Wireless perimeter protection. Dakota has been the leading name in the driveway alarm business since 1991.  Our wireless products have a great range and can work up to several miles.  With sensors that detect people, vehicles, or both, we have a number of different options for our customers.  The 4000 Series range is a maximum of one mile, depending on terrain and obstacles.  The MURS Series can be used up to two and one-half miles, depending on terrain and obstacles, and is less conservative on battery use than the 4000 series.  Both product lines require a Transmitter and at least one receiver.  Transmitters come in a variety of configurations.  You can use multiple-transmitters and receivers to achieve the coverage desired.


We offer Laminated Steel Padlocks which are the strongest padlocks available.  Because they are easy to manufacture and very strong, they are a great choice for the consumer.  We use only Masterlock and uniquely offer “Keyed Alike” sets in quantities of six or more.  No need to carry a ring of keys around.  These are all special order, please allow approximately three weeks for delivery.  We can match an existing A series key or you can start a new key code for your needs.

Fiber Fence Perimeter Protection

For most basic applications we offer a complete system that can be ordered by the foot, 100’ minimum.  The system will include Simplex Sensing Fiber to provide a two level protection zone (upper and lower typical), a zone control unit (will power up to ten miles of fiber), five corner guards, four Mini-Mouse Trip detectors, one Opti-Mag Sensor gate control, one 110db dual tone siren alert and mounting zip ties.  The cable comes with all connectors installed so you simply plug and play.

100’ Basic kit $

Each additional foot (includes fiber, Mini-Mouse Trip (as needed) and mounting zip ties) $

Additional Corner Guards $

Warbling Horn $

Warning Voice Announcer with Speaker (up to 7 minute announcement) $

Video Camera with IR and Built-in Floodlight $


For complex installations (multiple gates, distance in excess of 1000’) we offer a custom quote, with or without connectorized cable.  Please provide a sketch with dimensions of area of coverage desired and we can build you a system perfect for your needs.  There is no charge for the estimate.